Stanford University–European Forum and Department of German Studies,
San Francisco, May 11, 12 noon
Engleitner and Rammerstorfer at Stanford University Campus
Professor Andreas Dorschel, Rammerstorfer, Engleitner and Nancy Easterbrook, program assistant (left to right)
Engleitner and Rammerstorfer in front of the Kresge Auditorium
Rammerstorfer, Engleitner and Robert Wagemann on the stage (left to right)
Professor Andreas Dorschel's opening remarks
Author Rammerstorfer's introduction
Engleitner telling his story
View over the 500 attendees
Paul Demosthenes reads extracts from the book "Unbroken Will"
Student showing her notes
Book and DVD signing
Rammerstorfer with the book "Unbroken Will" in the Stanford bookstore